The Crew

Maggie (The Admiral…ha ha ha)


Born in Lima, Peru..Moved to Florida in 1990

Royce (The Skipper)


Born in Georgia..Moved to Florida in 1990


3 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. Maggie an Royce…. Thanks for sharing ur adventure… Love it! BTW, Maggie looks more like Mary Ann…. Wink wink…. “Let life flow like love & martinis!” Happy 2014!

  2. My wife and I have started an online magazine. The goal is to give a slight push to the people who want to but aren’t sure they can, offer support and wisdom to the newbies and connect a community of old salts. October we want to publish an article about those moments that has pushed us to the brink of giving up the lifestyle and the eventual push that kept us from doing so. We are reaching out to the cruising community in hopes that you will share with us your stories about reaching the end of your rope, and how you overcame.
    Thank you so much for any contribution,

    Erik and Victoria Bonneau

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