When lightning strikes

A couple of mornings ago we awoke with a nasty electrical storm over us. Being on the water lightning is not something we like or enjoy, especially if it strikes right beside us like it did this morning. Wylie immediately began to check the electronics to see if everything was working. Unfortunately the wind instrument that provides wind speed and direction had stopped working. Our friends from One Love are anchored next to us and we learned from them later in the day their wind instruments were also not working. Wind instruments have two basic parts: a display at the helm and a transducer which is installed at the masthead. We didn’t know which one was not working. Mike from One Love did a quick round of troubleshooting on his boat and ours and was able to determine that both had broken in the exact opposite way. One Love’s problem was the helm display and ours was the transducer at the top of the mast. A very weird coincidence! Additional details are available at Mike’s blog Zero to Cruising Budget marine didn’t have just a display, or a single transducer in stock. They did have the complete wind instrument package containing the parts needed by both us and One Love. We decided to buy the entire package so One Love could get the display they needed and we could get the Transducer. With help from Mike and Rebecca, and a borrowed bosuns chair from Jeff on Truant III Wylie was able to go to the top of the mast and replace the damaged transducer. Thankfully all went well and both Harmony and One love once again have fully functioning wind instruments.


Wylie and Mike troubleshooting the problem

Wylie getting ready to go to the top of  the mast

Wylie getting ready to go to the top of the mast

Almost there

Almost there

Replacing the transducer

Replacing the transducer




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