Liebster Award

Liebster Award


It is a relaxing weekend, not too many activities planned, and the perfect time to get in front of my computer. Thanks to my friends Sue and Mal from I have homework to do. They nominated our blog for the Liebster Award, so I have several questions to answer.

For the followers of our blog that might not know what the Liebster Award is; here is the explanation provided by my blogger friends:

The Leibster Award is the bloggers version of a chain letter. Each blogger answers 10 questions created by a previous blogger and then create 10 questions of their own to send to 10 other bloggers. If the nominated bloggers choose to participate they answer my questions, come up with their own, and send them on to ten others, and so it goes!!!

The award is normally given to new bloggers (like us), and I just could not say no, I had to take the challenge and have some fun with it together with my hubby. I’m curious as to what his answers to the questions will be.

There are 3 basic rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated us and provide a link back to their page

2) Answer the 10 questions they have asked and publish the post

3) Nominate 10 up-and-coming blogs and provide them 10 questions to answer.

Ok here we go,

What is that special something about your boat you love?

Wylie:   no heeling when we sail

Maggie: I love having the galley up, I can enjoy cooking, or doing dishes at the same time I socialize with everybody outside.

What is the hardest part for you living 24/7 on the boat?

Wylie: Forgetting the ketchup. Or anything else for that matter that is followed by a long dinghy ride to the nearest marina with a dinghy dock leading to a road that leads to the place of purchase which is just over the next hill for the forgotten item…. that unfortunately they are out of.

Maggie: Hardest? Mmhhh not using high heels ha ha..ok ok being serious, I think for me it’s not being able to take long showers. I do not like to have to get in and out fast.  We have a water maker but I still have to be reasonable with the amount of water I use.

What helped you decide to take up this cruising lifestyle?

Maggie:   For me it was Wylie. This was his dream and he wanted me to follow him so he took his time telling me all about it, reading blogs to me, having me read some blogs. We talked about the pro and cons of the lifestyle. We studied together so I could pass the ASA tests. We chartered a boat in Abacos to make sure it was something I would enjoy.  He did a great job convincing me and I love living aboard!!

Wylie: Too many Jimmy Buffet records. Honestly I really do not know where or why the thought of the lifestyle came to me, but for as long as I can remember I have known it was something I was going to do.

If you could offer some pearls of wisdom to newbie cruisers, what would it be?

Maggie:   “pearls of wisdom” I like the expression 🙂 ..Be patient, there are moments in this lifestyle that you will need to be. There are going to be a lot of changes that you will need to adapt to. One by one, take your time and you will enjoy all this lifestyle has to offer.

Wylie: Bring two pairs of running shoes. One old pair for the hashes, or a new pair if you like drinking beer from a shoe, and one pair for the long walk to the store to get the ketchup you forgot. There may be times when the lifestyle is more difficult than you thought it would be, roll with the punches. There will be times when its more fun than you can imagine.

If money was no object and you could make a change to your boat, what would it be?

Wylie and Maggie: Without hesitation we agree we would install A/C on the boat  🙂

What is something new that has surprised you about your partner since you commenced this lifestyle?

Maggie: how innovative/creative he can be. I knew he was handy, but he surprises me every time when he finds a solution to a problem on the boat.

Wylie: How much she has fallen in love with snorkeling. I sometimes need the boat hook to get her back on the boat.

Has your initial estimate of how long you’ll be cruising altered since you first started?

Maggie: well yes, I thought we would stay out longer, but it seems it may not be for as long as I thought. But, I am grateful for the time we are spending living aboard. I am enjoying each day as if it were the last  🙂

Wylie: Not at all. I said from the day we purchased HARMONY We will do this until we feel like moving on to our next adventure, no time limits.

Did you name your boat and, if so, why did you choose the name? if you didn’t, would you like to and what would you choose?

Wylie and Maggie: We named our boat. We chose Harmony for two reasons: We both love music and we always try to promote harmony in our relationship ❤

What is your favorite cruising destination to date, and why?

Maggie: Tobago Cays, love the clear waters, perfect for snorkeling, my favorite activity.

Wylie: Dominica. The unspoiled beauty of the rain forest and water falls.

If there were one wish a Jeannie in a bottle could grant you now, what would it be?

Maggie: I would like to have all my family here on the boat. It would be very crowded but we would have the time of our lives sleeping on the trampoline if necessary 🙂

Wylie: A bunch of those multi colored paper umbrellas to put in the frozen drinks the bikini-clad beauties prepare and serve after working on our boat in every anchorage.


We do not have 10 nominees; most of the blogs I follow have already been nominated so we will have to go with a few less:
Gina and Lenny s/v Feijao
Mike and Rebecca from   (although they already where mention by Banyan) We know they are capable to take a double challenge when they stopped being so busy 🙂
Pete and Donna from
Devin and Liz from

Denis and LaDonna from  They just created a blog, although it is a charter blog, they are cruisers and they will remain cruisers, so maybe they would like to take the challenge.

I would also like to mention two couples that do not have a blog but may enjoy going through the blogs and want to have some fun with the questions:

Janet and Jeff from s/v Truant III
David and Sarah from s/v Cape
Tim and Stephany from s/v Endless Pleasure


Ok know the difficult part, create the 10 questions.. We decided to do 5 each:

  • Is there something that you regret not upgrading on your boat?
  • Why did you choose the boat you are cruising on?
  • What was your worst mistake during your first days of cruising?
  • What do you enjoy most about sailing, and why?
  • What is the most romantic moment you have had on the boat with your other half?
  • Have your cruising destinations changed from those originally planned?
  • Is there an upgrade to your boat you regret making? If so what is it?
  • Do you prefer being at anchor or in a marina, and why?
  • If you were being attacked by a giant squid and at the same time the largest Mahi Mahi you have ever seen takes your trolling lure, which would you deal with first?
  • What is the best land excursion you have been on, and why?


The end  🙂

Maggie and Wylie


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