Spanish Virgin Islands (Late post)

Apr 9 to Apr 23

We had a wonderful visit to the  SVI, beginning with Culebra where we found the  local people  to be very nice and helpful.  We anchored at  Ensenada Honda, near the public dock.  After clearing in with customs by phone we took  a short dinghy ride to the public dock and walked to the various restaurants and bars which are all  good. We ate in most of them and in our opinion the food at the Dinghy Dock is the best, followed by Zaco Tacos, Susie’s and Mamacitas.  The best way to move around Culebra is renting a golf cart or a Jeep.  We didn’t see any taxis but there were a few shuttle vans that ran from the ferry dock to the beaches. The golf carts are lot of fun,  but can be a little uncomfortable if you have more than 2 people. We rented a Jeep when our friends Pete and Donna from s/v Shirley Jean joined us.  We visited Flamenco Beach, it is a tropical paradise, white sand, clear water, palm trees swaying in the breeze,  just naturally beautiful, we love it!  We enjoyed body and boogie board surfing, lots of fun!   We also visited Tamarindo beach, great for snorkeling, and there are a lot of turtles there.  The turtles are so use to people you can swim close to them without them swimming away.  There are other beaches in Culebra but none as beautiful as Flamenco.

We  visited  Culebrita Island, a small beautiful uninhabited island off the eastern coast of Culebra. Unfortunately the anchorage  was very rolly so we only stayed one night.

We sailed to Vieques, the bigger island, and anchored at Ensenada Honda, a bay surrounded by Mangroves. The bay  is very quite and peaceful but there  are no facilities.  The mangroves are a great place to paddle board.  We had to return to the USVI for appointments so our stay  in Vieques was shorter than we would have liked.

We are back in St. Thomas, anchored at Brewers Bay preparing for our trip to Grenada.



The jeep we rented  with our friends Pete & Donna from s/v Shirley Jean



Beautiful Flamenco Beach


Surfing at Flamenco Beach

Surfing at Flamenco Beach



Zoni Beach



On our way to Culebrita


Anchoring at Culebrita

Anchoring at Culebrita


Sailing to Vieques

Arriving to Vieques



Entering Ensenada Honda around the reef


Going around the reefs

Going around the reef

Arriving to Ensenada Honda, Shirley Jean in front of us.

Arriving at Ensenada Honda, Shirley Jean in the foreground.


Shirley Jean

Pete and Donna fromShirley Jean welcoming us to Ensenada Honda

Riding around the Mangroves

Riding around the Mangroves

Calm and beautiful

Calm and beautiful

The color of the water is amazing. Pete & Donna riding along

The color of the water is amazing. Pete & Donna enjoying a dinghy tour


The water color is amazing

Very shallow around the reefs


Paddle boarding selfie

Paddle boarding selfie





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